Expanded Gamut

The traditional CMYK process limits today’s “jump off the shelf” graphics intended to attract consumers. Most high end packaging is now designed for 8 to 10 colors utilizing CMYK and an ever changing variety of Pantone colors specific to design families, brands, and logos.  Expanded Gamut (EG) standardizes the printing process to CMYK + 3 Pantone colors such as Orange, Green, and Violet to achieve difficult colors not in the CMYK printing color gamut. This eliminates the need to constantly swap Pantone color ink formulations on press. By standardizing the same 7 colors, printers can purchase their ink in bulk and produce the majority of the color spectrum needed. This drastically reduces press set up times, which will, in turn, reduce costs.

Software like Esko’s Equinox has extremely simplified the conversion process for trade houses and printers to achieve consistent great results. This lessens the need for graphic designers to change how they are currently working. Experienced separators can convert most existing designs on the fly. Utilizing the proper ink set and quality conversion software is the key to increasing the color spectrum, maintaining consistency, and reducing make-ready costs.

When using expanded gamut, reverse copy that was once a single spot color may now be made up of 2-3 colors to achieve the same PMS match. There’s now the issue of holding reverse copy registration in these areas that wasn’t an issue with a one color PMS spot. This is a challenge for flat plates especially when talking about press widths averaging 50 inches and more. The tight tolerances in registration with Carey Color Inc. elastomer Smartsleeves allow printers to hold offset like traps as low as .003”, which has become critically important for these multi-color reverses.

  • Less ink inventory, wash up and  waste
  • Less substrate use at start up
  • Reduced production and make-ready time
  • No ‘spot’ color mixing
  • Enhanced Quality and Color accuracy
  • Wider color gamut
  • Precise registration using Elastomer Sleeves
  • Less ink and solvent waste

When using a Carey Color Smartsleeve; you’ll be taking full advantage of the Expanded Gamut printing process. Elastomer delivers higher ink densities, tighter registration and traps across the entire web crucial to EG printing. While dramatically reducing start-up and make-ready times – our sleeves will print faster and longer than polymer materials.

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