Flexography Printing Sleeves

Flexography Sleeve

When you choose Carey Color for your flexographic sleeves, you’ll discover that the capabilities of our company are as diverse as flexo itself. From narrow web to wide web (60” x 118”), our unique, laser-engraved sleeve technology offers several key advantages for your printing process:

  • Below-surface imaging reduces dot gain and allows you to create offset-like vignettes.
  • True digital workflow eliminates many of the disadvantages and variables of traditional and mask-ablation plate making.
  • Real in-the-round (ITR) imaging improves your registration, enables you to come to color more quickly, and allows seamless repeats and continuous printing.

A Leading Producer of Elastomer Flexography Sleeves

At Carey Color, we’re pleased to be among the first in North America to offer ITR flexo sleeves made from thicker, more durable elastomer. Learn about the benefits of this innovative process, including exceptional quality at a lower cost.

In addition, our Kodak Flexcel Direct Imager gives you better quality control. It pre-scans your sleeves to ensure a flawless surface prior to engraving.

To learn more about our elastomer flexography sleeves and how they can improve your printing output, contact us.

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