An Elastomer Sleeve Produces Superior Flexography


Sleeves maximize your presses’ capabilities. Investing in a state of the art press and using hand mounted polymer plates does not make sense. We’ve embraced technology while partnering with Kodak and their Flexcel Direct System, to make the most affordable engraved Elastomer Sleeve in the country!

Elastomer Imaged Sleeves – Advantages:

  • Elastomer Sleeves last 2-4 times longer than Polymer Plates or Sleeves
  • True laser ablated sleeves utilize below surface engraving technology, thus controlling press gain.
  • Hold a 1% dot printing at 2000 fpm
  • Reduce traps to .003 consistently
  • Faster registration
  • Short set-up time
  • Faster press speeds (2000 fpm+)
  • No more plate mounting, plate lift, press bounce, or plate swelling
  • Reach color density faster with improved print contrast
  • Dramatically reduce non-revenue downtime on change overs
  • Hold perfect registration across the entire width of the sheet
  • Substrate savings and press optimization reached!
  • Kodak Flexcel Direct Imagers max imaging capabilities (42″ x 63″)
  • Luscher Laser Engraver max imaging capabilities (60″ x 118″)

ROI: When you consider the cost of plate mounting and materials, having to buy more than one set of polymer plates or sleeves for one run, substrate lost, and slow press speeds… It can be cheaper and faster to print with all Carey Color Elastomer Sleeves.

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