Kodak Flexcel Direct for Exceptional Flexography

 Exceed Expectations with our Kodak Flexcel Direct Imager.

  • Drastically reduce sleeve cost
  • Press speeds in excess of 1600 fpm
  • Unparalleled flexographic print quality
  • Unmatched ink transfer and densities
  • 175 Line Screen
  • 2-6 times the longevity of a polymer
  • Fastest in the round imaging, period!
  • Choice of durometers
  • Excellent registration with .003 traps

  • Variable shoulders with increased slope angle at the surface create sharp images.
  • Precision undercuts minimize the stress on small features, resulting in clean highlights with low tendency for wear.
  • The sculpted base of the features provide maximum support during printing.
  • Accurate, controlled relief depth results in a print form that remains clean during printing.
  • Highly engineered elastomers provide excellent ink transfer and lay down with a variety of substrates and inks.

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