New Kodak Flexcel NX Advantage

Flexcel NX Advance Patterns

Flexcel Advance Edge Definition

  • Square Spot Imaging
  • 2400×2400

High Resolution Options

  • 4800×4800
  • 9600×4800

Dual Imaging – multiple patterns or no pattern on same plate

Software Cutting Table Enable

Solvent Saver option

5 things that Kodak’s TIL film technology enables

  • TIL enables true 1:1 image reproduction from file to finished plate
  • TIL enables the fastest digital flexo plate imaging in the industry
  • TIL enables powerful NX Advantage technology
  • TIL enables the total predictability and consistency for which
    Kodak plates have become known
  • TIL enables the simplest flexo plate portfolio in the industry

SQUAREspot Imaging Technology

  • Unique imaging technology
  • Overcomes error limitations of Gaussian laser
  • Fastest imaging for flexo

What’s different from traditional digital flexo?

  • Traditional digital flexo ctp imagers create a round Gaussian laser profile
  • With fiber lasers the energy tapers off towards the outer diameter
    • High power in middle
    • Low power at edges
  • Results in a Gaussian (soft / fuzzy) profile
  • Leads to variability in mask imaging
  • Round beam trying to match a square pixel
  • Beam has to be larger than the pixel to overlap for full coverage
  • Increasing resolution does not overcome these fundamental limitations

Flexcel NX System solves the problem

  • The Trendsetter NX uses Kodak SQUAREspot Imaging Technology
  • The pixels start in the digital files as squares
  • Pixel-4-Pixel reproduction with even energy distribution maximizes consistency, eliminating conversion errors
    • 2,400 dpi resolution
    • Effective 10,000 dpi resolution
    • 10.6 micron dots and micro lines become a reality

Pixel 4 Pixel Reproduction (P4P)

  • Unmatched exclusive imaging technology


  • Patented process
  • Intimate contact
  • Eliminates oxygen
  • Simple, consistent process

NX Advantage technology enables
two powerful innovations:

  • Advanced KODAK DIGICAP NX Patterning
    • A range of patterns – expertly engineered to optimize ink transfer
      for the widest range of print conditions

  • Advanced Edge Definition improves
    • Solid cleanliness
    • Contrast and tonal range
    • Reverse and positive text

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