Direct Laser Engraved Elastomer UV Coating Plates

Carey Color, Inc. is the established leader in the manufacturing of Direct Laser Engraving (DLE) of Elastomer printing sleeves and plates in the Flexographic industry.  Now, Carey Color is driving the Offset printing market toward the adoption of direct laser engraved Elastomer UV Coating Plates.  Elastomer coating plates work well with all flood & spot varnishes, including, Gloss, Matte, Satin, Soft Touch, Grit, and Metallic coatings.  Elastomer plates will not swell from UV coatings or inks and they have 2-4 times the longevity of photopolymer plates.  Direct laser engraving of plates will result in tighter registration, less coating build up (damming) at the edges and you will achieve better coating laydown.  Download our Specification Sheet.

  • Max Blanket Size: 41.2” x 62.2”
  • Various Blanket gauges:
    Typical Sheet-fed = .045
    Typical Web-fed = 0.67
    **Call for custom sizes.
  • Mylar Backing: .006 – .014
    **Also available in Steel
  • Max Relief Depth: .040


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