Stealth Screening

Carey Color Stealth Screening Technology

Introducing Carey Color’s exclusive Stealth Screening Technology ™ a process that redefines the limits of Dry-Offset print quality. Our unique screening enables printers to achieve continuous-tone results even when using coarse line screening.

Stealth Screening Technology ™ eliminates wet-trapping of inks and the inherent ink contamination. SST ™ also provides more ink to the substrate for unmatched print contrast. Compete head to head with in-mold label quality at a fraction of the cost. Used with our Direct Laser Engraved plates guarantees unmatched printing results.

Our Color Specialists use proprietary-developed software to create high reliability color separations using Pantone colors, while achieving photographic quality and offset results.

With our commitment to quality, Carey Color also offers onsite training seminars for press operators.

Whether on tubes, cups, cans, lids, pails or buckets, your images will benefit from SST ™