Embossing Plates


Metal-back Flexible EMBOSS Plates:

Make a lasting impression on your clients. 2D & 3D levels embossing plates  provide incredible results at less then the cost of traditional methods. Our plates and sleeves work with a wide range of substrates including Adhesive labels, foils and more.

  • Cut costs with this economic alternative to conventional embossing with this patented Process By Carey Color
  • Cost Effective- (Approximately 1/3 cost of engraved tooling and typically less then photopolymer plates.)
  • Fast plate mounting- minutes instead of hours. Easily dismount and reuse.
  • Fast turn around times- 1 to 3 day
  • One time magnetic cylinder cost with semi-rotary or variable repeat converting / finishing stations
  • Smaller plates = Lower cost with Variable repeat converting stations
  • Best application for Variable repeat converting stations and rotary narrow web presses.
  • Uses .029 undercut Magnetic Cylinders for stocks up to .011 caliper.Proof of one up design embossed on your stock for your approval

Types of Embossing:

  • 2D ( 1 level – Top 100% Black and Bottom 0% black)
  • 3D Levels (Laser images different heights based on gray scale tints in file 40%, 50%, 80%)
  • Magnetic cylinder mounting – no mounting tape needed.
  • Mandrel Diameter, width and repeat circumference needed
  • Magnetic Cylinder manufacture of your choice.

Embossing Requirement’s

Emboss system Hardware needed:

2 Magnetic cylinders both undercut .029 horizontal Scribe line on cylinders Geared press’s may need Anti Backlash gears. Male / Female Embossing plates. Hard durameter rubber based metal back plates

What’s Needed from Customer:

Provide stepped vector file or PDF of emboss area and Die cut along with run direction. Emboss and die cut may be as layers or as colors. 2D emboss (1 height, 100% color value in file is top height) 3D Levels Emboss (more than 1 height – EXP…. 50% color value in file = 1/2 full height)40% is the lowest value that will be noticed on emboss. Stock Type and caliper( thickness): Provide small amount of stock for sample proofs


For Narrow Web (13” ). All designs and substrates emboss differently. Some materials or substrate’s such as Vinyl or polly stocks may NOT have a good memory to hold emboss. A 1 up proof on YOUR material is recommended. Max stock caliper is 11 mil thickness (.011 thousand).

Embossing QUOTE Requirement’s

What’s Needed for quote:

  • Provide a stepped vector file or PDF of emboss area and Die cut along with run direction.
  • Carey will provide quote from this file.

Emboss Proof Sample:

A 1 up proof of actual emboss file on customer stock is recommended prior to doing full emboss plates for customer approval..