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Flexcel NX plate

The KODAK FLEXCEL NX System delivers unmatched production efficiencies and new capabilities for flexo printing. Patented film-based technology and the industry’s fastest imaging system produce plates that increase uptime by driving unparalleled quality and consistency on press across a wide range of applications. With a proven track record of enabling flexo conversions of offset and gravure designs. FLEXCEL NX Technology has become the choice of key brands around the world for new product launches.

Innovative imaging technology delivers maximum value with a totally integrated solution that boosts shelf impact by improving ink laydown, expanding tonal range reproduction, increasing contrast and color vibrancy, and enabling finer reverse type and lines. Powered by Kodak’s NX Advantage technology, a simplified plate portfolio can be optimized for virtually any print condition, ink type and anilox volume.This is done through the use of a select set of expertly-engineered surface patterns that dramatically improve ink transfer. More patented imaging technology enables dramatically cleaner print and increased contrast by controlling ink flow at the edge of objects. With leading-edge innovation backed by world-class service and support, the FLEXCEL NX System is transforming flexo printing.

Brand new imager

In keeping with Kodak’s commitment to ongoing product development, the Kodak Flexcel NX Wide System is now offered with a brand new imaging device. The NX Wide-C Imager utilizes the same award-winning imaging technology common to all NX Imagers. It offers a compact footprint, enhanced edge detection features for media handling and a streamlined installation process. With a maximum plate size of 42 x 60 inches (1067 x 1524 mm) the Flexcel NX Wide System accommodates large layouts and facilitates efficient job planning, while producing NX Plates that enable print production efficiencies and outstanding print quality. In addition to the Flexcel NX Thermal Imaging Layer, the device offers full compatibility for Kodak DITR Film imaging and an opportunity to add a Hybrid Option for digital offset plate imaging. The original Flexcel NX Wide Imager remains an important part of the product portfolio, and is available for those customers that need even larger digital offset plate imaging capabilities.

Shelf impact and production efficiency

The fine image reproduction, print contrast and high densities delivered by the Flexcel NX Wide System allow prepress service providers and converters to compete for business traditionally beyond the capabilities of flexo. Enabling print buyers to take advantage of both the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of flexo and the quality they would normally expect from offset, gravure or digital printing.

In addition, Flexcel NX Plates—with enhanced ink transfer capabilities and high-resolution, flat-top dot structure—enable print efficiencies that include faster start up times, reduced waste and longer plate life. Plate surface texturization enabled by Kodak DigiCap NX Screening means that customers can expect higher densities, a wider color gamut and improvements in combination plate utilization, opening up the opportunity to reduce the number of plates required per job.

High-quality CTP output for digital flexo plate making

Building on our success and expertise in thermal CTP technology, Kodak Flexcel NX Imagers utilize Kodak squarespot Imaging Technology to deliver exceptional quality, productivity and consistency. The imager creates a mask for plate making— imaging the Kodak Flexcel NX Thermal Imaging Layer at an impressive speed—and features user-friendly semi-automatic loading and unloading. Prior to traditional UV exposure and processing, the imaging layer is laminated to a Flexcel NX Plate, a key process that eliminates the presence of oxygen and ensures the creation of full-amplitude flat top dots that are a faithful 1:1 reproduction of the original digital file.

A complete solution

Kodak combines expertise in digital imaging technology and materials science to bring you more than individual components. We deliver a full solution for digital flexo that includes software, imager, plate making processes and plate materials. All components of the Flexcel NX Wide System are optimized to work efficiently together, bringing you best-in-class capabilities for high-definition flexo printing. In addition, when bundled with Kodak Prinergy Powerpack Workflow, Kodak’s color proofing systems, and Kodak Service and Support, the Flexcel NX Wide System is part of a complete Kodak Solution that delivers high quality and consistency to packaging prepress service providers and printers.

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