Elastomer ITR Sleeve


Elastomer sleeves are thicker and more durable and can print 2-4 times longer than polymer sleeves.  This eliminates the need to buy multiple plates or polymer sleeves for long runs and repeated abusive short runs that require many cleanings and press cylinder mountings. This leads to cost saving in the long run, and cost predictability.  A typical comment from printers who have switched from Polymer to Elastomer sleeves is, “Elastomer usually costs less than polymer, and we’re only buying one set instead of two – so the savings are great, and our print results are more consistent”. Further cost savings are realized because elastomer sleeves eliminate the need to purchase expensive cushion adaptors and replace them in the future.

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Kodak Flexcel NX

The KODAK FLEXCEL NX System delivers unmatched production efficiencies and new capabilities for flexo printing. Unique, patented film-based technology and the industry’s fastest imaging system produce plates that increase uptime by driving unparalleled quality and consistency on press across a wide range of applications. With a proven track record of enabling flexo conversions of offset and gravure designs, FLEXCEL NX Technology has become the choice of key brands around the world for new product launches.

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Dry Offset Plate

Advanced Digital Dry Offset Plates

To achieve leading-edge printing for packaging and other demanding projects, choose Carey Color for your dry offset platemaking.

At Carey Color, we combine true laser ablated plates with our patent-pending Stealth Screening technology to create a truly digital workflow that eliminates common dryoffset printing problems. You’ll get:

  • Proofs that are calibrated to be attainable on press
  • Free press fingerprinting
  • Free training for press operators
  • Free first job
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Carey Color Inc. is a full service digital imaging company headquartered in Sharon Center, OH, with locations in Illinois, Wisconsin and the U.K. It employs more than 75 experienced prepress craftsmen. Carey Color specializes in manufacturing laser engraved plates and elastomer sleeves for the flexo, dry offset, emboss and intaglio industries. Carey also provides prepress services for direct mail catalogs, packaging, flexo and dry offset in addition to commercial photography and offset plate making. To learn more about how Carey Color can help you, contact 800-555-3142.

Direct Laser Engraving