Advanced Digital Dry Offset Plates

Dry Offset PlateTo achieve leading-edge printing for packaging and other demanding projects, choose Carey Color for your dry offset platemaking.

At Carey Color, we combine true laser ablated plates with our patent-pending Stealth Screening technology to create a truly digital workflow that eliminates common dryoffset printing problems. You’ll get:

  • Proofs that are calibrated to be attainable on press
  • Free press fingerprinting
  • Free training for press operators
  • Free first job

Create Dry Offset Vignettes to 0%

Direct engraving is the only platemaking process that crafts each dot on the plate in a three-dimensional way, allowing us to take the highlight dot below the surface. With the highlight dot on a different plane than the solid, we can precisely control dot gain, making offset-like vignettes to 0% possible.

Get Continuous Tones and Offset-like Contrast Results

With Stealth Screening, concerns about inkwell contamination vanish. Wet trapping never occurs with our system because we don’t employ any color overprint. Stealth Screening also uses 100% of the available print blanket and transfers 100% of the ink from the blanket to the container, giving you:

  • A continuous-tone look, even at coarse line-screen rulings
  • Offset-like print contrast results

Stealth Screening also lets you print white ink between other color halftone dots without contamination, creating the illusion of printing on a white-coated container without the usual turnaround time and expense. You’ll see a tremendous quality improvement when you print on clear plastics, colored plastics and bare aluminum cans.

To learn more about our industry-leading dry offset plates, contact us today.  Don’t forget to ask about the benefits of Elastomer Dry Offset plates.

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